Dear Ironwood Families...

Ironwood Estates is a great place to live and raise a family. Maintaining a community that is vibrant and harmonious requires the cooperation and participation of all its residents.

The information that appears on this page includes reminders from Taylor Association Management (TAM), the Astoria Iron Mountain HOA Board of Directors and suggestions from Ironwood residents.

We hope that it is helpful. 

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Parking Here. Parking There. Cars Are Being Parked Everywhere! In an effort to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly, Ironwood residents are encouraged to park in their garages. Driveway parking is permitted during the day. 

For overnight driveway parking, a temporary or permanent pass is required. Contact TAM for further details. Overnight street parking and parking on the red curb is prohibited at all times. 

Commercial vehicles with signs and logos must be parked inside a garage. RVs must be parked behind an RV gate.

Rolling Trash Cans, Boxes and Debris... Oh My!!  We are in the midst of blustery days again that cause debris and trash cans to blow down our streets. This tends to be an issue both before and after the garbage and recycle trucks arrive. Many neighbors have complained about the necessity to clean a neighbor's trash from their yard. Still others have received violation notices for trash cans that belong to their neighbor. Since we can't defeat Mother Nature, let us all put forth a little extra effort to keep the community clean. Here are a few important reminders:

1. Trash cans should not be placed out any earlier than 6 pm Sunday night (for our Monday trash pickup) . Whenever possible, place your trash out in the morning rather than during a blustery night. There is less chance of it blowing away or garbage flying out of it.

2. Lend a hand by picking up loose debris that you see blowing through the community. You can easily pick it up and place it in the closest trash can available.

3. Label your trash can(s) with your name or address. If it blows away, it will be easier for you to reclaim it.

And finally, let us know if your can is lost or you notice a recurring problem with loose trash in your area.

Posting Signs In the Community 

Many times during the year, we notice that a pet has lost its owner. Since time is of the essence, we understand when we see a sign or two posted. If you have posted a sign to help reconnect a pet with their owner, please be sure to remove the signs so that they will not become ragged or blow throughout the community.

Signs for open houses should be removed immediately after the event. Posting signs throughout the community for a personal event or to offer business services is prohibited.

For questions or clarification, contact TAM 

Vandalism and Destruction In Our Community

As many of you know by now, our Ironwood Estates community was the target of a series of criminal acts of vandalism in recent months. At least 6 bollard lights along our community walkways were damaged or destroyed by what appears to be a deliberate action. Additionally, hundreds of feet of irrigation line were pulled up from the ground in Barium Rock Park. This level of destruction poses a significant cost to the community. Initial cost estimates for the repair of the bollard lights alone exceeds $12,000. This level of vandalism has the potential to be classified as a felony crime. The Ironwood Board of Directors (Board) has already filed a police report. We are also working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) to identify and prosecute those responsible for this crime.

These acts of vandalism affect every homeowner in our community. Both direct and indirect cost related to vandalism are passed on to each of us. The current operating and reserve budgets for the community do not have an allowance for vandalism expenses. The Board must make a decision on how to pay for this unexpected expense. If a decision is made to cover this expense through a special assessment, each homeowner would be assessed approximately $70 for their share of the costs. Additionally, we must determine what enhanced security measures will deter similar acts of vandalism in the future. No matter what enhanced security measures are implemented, it will most likely result in additional expenses to the community. The Board has worked hard to keep our dues at the current level despite the rising cost of community maintenance and repairs. In the face of these recent acts of vandalism, this may not be possible going forward.

The least expensive and potentially most effective deterrent to acts of crime in our community is vigilance and communication. We need your help to prevent further destruction of the Ironwood Estates community. Anyone with information regarding the recent vandalism is encouraged to contact their Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, a board member, Taylor Management Association or LVMPD directly. All Ironwood Estates residents are strongly encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authority as soon as possible. By working together, we can keep Ironwood Estates safe and avoid additional expense to our community and homeowners.

​     Stay vigilant! Please contact Taylor Association Management at (702) 736-9450 or a board member if you heard or saw anything that will help us to locate the perpetrator(s).
Thank You Mr. Fuss 
By Kristopher Yerger

Mr. Larry Fuss recently tendered his resignation as Board member and vice president of the Ironwood Home Owner’s Association (HOA), effective May 18th, 2016. Larry served our community as a Board member for over 9 of the past 10 years, including 2 years as president. During this time Larry served selflessly as a staunch advocate for the improvement, safety, and integrity of our community. Larry served on the committee that developed and managed the design and installation of the current facilities in Barium Rock Park. Over the years Larry worked extensively to promote safety in our community and is one of the original organizers of the Ironwood Neighborhood Watch. Larry also advocated for our current security camera network, roving security patrol, and speed control measures. 

Larry’s diligent efforts, both directly and behind the scenes, have helped to identify and rid our community of numerous illegal and nefarious activities over the past 10 years. In a community where good people can agree to disagree, nobody ever had to wonder where Larry stood on a particular issue. Larry’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach, coupled with his willingness to do the work necessary, have benefitted our community greatly. Larry was recently elected as director on the Board of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). He departs the Ironwood HOA Board to fulfill the time demands of the NAB and his radios stations in the United States and abroad. I wish him and his family Godspeed and continued success. I encourage all Ironwood homeowners to join me in thanking Mr. Larry Fuss his many years of dedication and energetic service to the Ironwood community. Thank you, Mr. Fuss.  

The views and opinions expressed in this article are specifically those of the author.   

Thank You Becky!
By Kristopher Yerger

On November 16th, 2016, Becky Linford will step down from her position as Board member and Treasurer of the Ironwood Homeowner’s Association (HOA). During her term, Becky served our community selflessly advocating for and leading efforts to maintain and improve the quality, safety, and integrity of our community. As treasurer, Becky oversaw the very important process of managing community finances to include the payment of our bills and expenses. The fact that homeowners have not experienced an increase in monthly assessments, in spite of rising costs, can be attributed in part to Becky’s efforts as treasurer. It is also important to note that Becky’s service to the Ironwood community does not start or end with her term as Board member. Becky and her husband John are longtime active members of our community and regular contributors to the HOA, Ironwood Neighborhood Watch, and other activities of benefit to our community. Becky and John also volunteer their time to help with the maintenance of post lamp bulbs and other matters in the community, collectively saving homeowners a significant amount of effort and expense over the years. I encourage all Ironwood homeowners to join me in thanking Mrs. Becky Linford for her many years of volunteer service to the Ironwood community. Thank you Becky!  

The views and opinions expressed in this article are specifically those of the author. 

We Need Your Help!

Living in a clean, vibrant, harmonious community takes a commitment from all of its residents. In the past, homeowners would attend the HOA meeting to voice a strong opinion about what we lack as a community and then never show up again. There is a better way. If you really want change, be a part of the change. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Attend the monthly HOA meetings a few times a year to be accurately informed and to share your ideas. 
2. Volunteer your time to help us deliver community events that make our community strong. You can commit time once a year or as often as your schedule allows.
3. Get to know your neighbors. Exchange phone numbers and/or emails so that we can be of help to one another during emergencies or times of crisis. 


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We are advertising and putting up signs in the area. All you have to do is place your items out on Saturday or Sunday (or both days) and put on a happy face. Not sure what to do next? Here are a few helpful tips:

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Mourning the Tragic Loss of Life

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to the victims and families of the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay on October 1, 2017 that resulted in the tragic loss of life of 59 people and the injury of more than 500 others. Everyone in Las Vegas has been impactedby it in some way. If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to a neighbor, friend or consult one of the resources below. We continue to pray for the victims, the families and our city.

  • Donate to the Victims Fund initiated by Clark County here
  • Find a location to give blood here
  • If you are missing a loved one, please call 1-800-536-9488
  • For additional information and reports on the incident, visit the news site here

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From time to time, we find our community mailboxes left open. Sometimes all of the mail is missing. Other times, the mail is still there. If you become aware of this happening in our community PLEASE NOTIFY THE POST OFFICE right away. They will send someone out immediately to lock the box. If expected mail has been stolen, you can report it as missing. If you have the informed delivery service where your mail is scanned and images are sent to you daily via email, you can log on to your account at and report missing mail there. For more details on how the post office handles missing mail, click here.