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Asphalt Resurfacing (Street Slurry) Dates for September

by Admin on 08/19/16

Notices are coming regarding asphalt resurfacing dates for Ironwood Estates. Some streets will have two dates since they are to be done in two sections.

·         Sept 6th - Purple –Barium Rock, Empire Rock, Grand Gate & Harrow Rock

·    Sept 7th - Green –Empire Rock & Glenistar Gate

·    Sept 9th - Blue –Leadbrick, Patinagem, Rockville, Tanneron Gate, Harrow Rock, Goldstone and Grand Gate

·    Sept 13th - Red – Barium Rock, Brilliant Ore, Oreglaze & Zinkmist

·         Sept 14th - Stripe curbs, stop bars, hydrants, etc.

 See the maps below to determine the date for your street.

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