Did You Know that we have a neighborhood watch program?

Join Ironwood's Neighborhood
Watch Program to provide additional safety and awareness support to the community. It is easy to join. Simply download or print the form and return it to the block captain in your area.

Not sure who your neighborhood watch representative is? Send us an email to

Helpful Safety and Awareness Information

When to call 911:

  • When you hear uncommon sounds like burgular alarms, screaming, banging, glass breaking or gunfire

  • When you see a person with a weapon (a gun, knife or other device intended to harm)

  • When you see a physical altercation or struggle (i.e., child struggling with adult)

  • When you observe unknown persons entering a home through a window, balconcy, side gate or some other forceful method.

  • When you see strangers carrying items from a house

  • When someone is injured

  • When there is smoke or fire

  • In the event of a serious illness

What to say when you call 911:

  • Be calm and listen to the dispatcher

  • Tell them what happened or is occuring now

  • Give them the location and a description of the person or people involved.

  • Be very clear about whether or not someone needs immediate medical help.

  • Answer dispatcher's questions as accurately as  possible.

Other helpful (non-emergency) numbers:

Metro Police Department311
City Fire Department     (702) 229-0291
County Fire Department     (702) 455-7311
Abulance Dispatcher     (702) 384-3400
Nevada Highway Patrol(702) 486-4100
Animal Control                           (702) 229-6444,
                                                     option 2
Taylor Association Mgmt     (702) 818-4900

LVRJ Article: Know When to Go to the ER

Traffic Accident General Information and Forms

LVMPD: What to Do When You're In an Accident

DMV: Traffic Accident Reporting Form
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10 Things to Know
by Las Vegas Metro Police Dept
In recent years, families living in Ironwood Estates have experienced serious emergencies. Some of these emergencies were further complicated because neighbors did not know one another. Let's do better! Get to know your neighbor.

Need a few tips on how to break the ice? Check out these resources:

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Neighborhood Watch Membership Form
Safety Tips to Keep You in the Know
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